About Us

With the introduction of Nymphaeacaerulea in Tanzania many many years ago, it has become a rare jewel that is now frequently found on the seasonal lakes of the Ngorongoro National Park. Famously symbolizing the evolvement of ones spiritual sense and enhancing a healing on several levels within the human system. Native to the nile this particular flower is famously treasured as an affordable luxury from the time of the Pharaohs who used to call it Blue lotus, which is actually known today as blue water lily. The source of the Nile being Tanzania, Blue Lotus is one of hidden gems that has touched many lives over centuries with its benefits.

Today, Blue Lotus Travel & Tours strives to be a rare holiday and corporate advisor that takes pain in delivering a formidable yet delicate service, that cannot be replicated by any other kind. Its philosophy encircles around four words for its stake holders ‘SERENITY AWAY FROM HOME’ . Be it your family holiday, honeymoon, corporate arrangement or a Safari holiday - Blue Lotus is the peace of mind you are looking for.

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